Friday, 4 September 2009

Evangelicals Neglect Church

That evangelicals ought to love and care for the church of Jesus Christ in contradistinction to the liberals and the "firm's men" within the churches, should be obvious, and not need to be stated.

However, the reality is otherwise. Evangelicals, of all people, simply do not care about the health and well-being of the church!

Why do I say that? For this reason. Evangelicals are so inward-looking that they cease to be like Christ. Their outlook is so parochial that they could not care less what is happening throughout the church of which they are proud members.

This is happening because they refuse to think through the issues that their church publicly believes, turning a proverbial 'blind eye' to the evil that is hammering at their door. Theologically, they do not want to know or understand the real issues that are facing the church, thus rendering the church incapable of withstanding in the evil day when Satan attacks.

On moral issues, they are culpably blinded. Their church believes that homosexual sin and partnerships are OK, and are not a sin at all. But what do the evangelicals do? They just turn off, and live as if there were no moral challenges within the church at all.let alone to the church.

Do they really care about the spiritual health of their church? Not at all. But they have succeeded in convincing themselves that they do! And self-deception is a dreadful condition to be in!