Saturday, 14 January 2012

Jacques de la Fontaine

Extract for my forthcoming book on Jacques de la Fontaine:
The principle of suffering for the name of Christ was viewed as the greatest honour or title that any Christian can possess.  Early on, the family rejected the “de la” prefix to the surname, not because there is any reason to doubt their ancestral nobility, but “because it was full of vanity.” Empty man-made honours played no part in their life and thinking.  Further, all his sons had dedicated themselves to the ministry, and, at that time in France, ministers had the same privileges as the nobility.  Prefixes were therefore superfluous.  The Fontaine family knew what true honours were, and what constituted true nobility, and that conferred by the world did not come into it! 

We see in this family the driving force of correct principle when adhered to.  It provides perspective on life’s challenges, yes; but it also enables us to get other things into proper perspective and to see the inestimable honour it is to be chosen to suffer persecution for the name of Christ. What of titles of state!  What of academic achievements!  What of the wealth in this world!  What of a great ancestral background!  They mean little or nothing when compared with the honour of suffering reproach for the Saviour outside the camp.  “For what profit is it to a man to if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?  Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” 

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Dr Jacques WHO?

Does anyone know anything about Dr Jacques Abbadie, the Huguenot preacher and theologian? Have you heard of his name?

Would you like to know a little bit about what he thinks about the existence of God?  Do you want your heart warmed and thrilled?

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If you have problems worshipping the Lord, then Abbadie is a good guide.  His thoughts will impel your heart into the ecstasy of true worship.  Go to Hazlett Lynch and discover this for yourself.

Lloyd-Jones - The Welsh Amyraldian

For the very first time ever, a painstaking study has been carried out into what the Doctor actually taught about the atonement, and especially its extent.  I have completed this research and the results of my study are now being made available to the Christian reading public.

Some of you will be very surprised by what Lloyd-Jones actually teaches.  Click here to see for yourself what will be in store for you when you buy this book. 

If you find this book interesting and informative, challenging and enlightening, please tell others, especially those on your contact list. 

Thank you

Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

This latest book from my laptop is one that I have been working on for almost a year now.  It is my personal appreciation of the life and ministry of my dear mentor, Dr Lloyd-Jones.  This is available for download here.

This is perhaps the most personal book I have ever written. It is so personal that it tends to be rather controversial at times.  But that's for you to decide.  I deal with lessons learned from the influence of Dr Lloyd-Jones on my life and ministry, and these have resulted in great personal cost to me as a minister.

Have a look and see what you think.

New Book

If you are interested in the impact of the French Huguenots on life in England, Ireland and also in America, then you might also be interested in a brand new FREE ebook by me that can be accessed at this site.

There is one on The Huguenots in London, and another on The Huguenots Come To Ballyronan, Northern Ireland.

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Thursday, 12 January 2012

TESCO - God Answers Prayer!

A short two months after Tesco announced a £30,000 gift to the 2012 London ‘Gay Pride’ (aka ‘World Pride’) they have posted the worse Christmas trading figures of all the ‘big four’ supermarkets, leading to a 14% drop in their share price.

The analysts blame Tesco’s doomed ‘Big Price Drop’ idea.  But we say God has answered our prayers for confusion in the Tesco boardroom.  Their announcement of the ‘Gay Pride’ money came at the worst possible time for them.  It meant we were able to mount a campaign of prayer and action, with emailing to their directors and leafleting at Tesco stores at what should have been their busiest time of the year.  We reckon thousands have boycotted Tesco.

I ask you, Is God alive?  Is He at work in His world?  Does He answer the prayers of the saints? Of course, He does.  The poor blinded TESCO managers blame some decision they made about their big price drop idea, but that may well have been part of it. Indeed, God used this very mechanism to embarrass TESCO managers and directors at a time when they would have needed increased sales at the 'harvest time' for most businesses.  The sovereign God judged TESCO for its promotion of immorality, and its decided neglect in supporting those whose need is great and real.

This will encourage us to pray on and to work hard in the Lord's Kingdom.  He rules over all.  Our witness, whether at TESCO stores, by emails to senior managers, or whatever, has been owned and blessed by our Lord. If He did that now, just wait and see what he will yet do.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Huguenot Story

You must really get to know the Huguenots and their enthralling story.  Details of future publications of Huguenot stories will be given on this blog and you can click the relevant link that will take you to the website where you can buy your copy.  They are very reasonably priced - only a few pence really!

Dr Jacques Abbadie

I have written and published my new book on Smashwords, entitled, Huguenot Preacher - Jacques Abbadie's The Vindication of the truth.  It can be bought at the Smashwords website .

This is an integral aspect of my ministry, and you support will be very much appreciated.  In this book, your heart will be thrilled to the core ad you will learn how to understand our precious faith and be able to present the Gospel in an intelligible manner to the unbelieving world.

Please click here and buy your own copy which can be downloaded immediately to your PC or ebook reading device.

You will also see a free book by me at the top left hand side of the web page, which can also be downloaded.  It gives a very brief insight into the Huguenots who settled in London as a result of the persecution of Christians by Louis XIV, King of France.

The Gospel - Too Good To Be True?

The world tells us continually, and perhaps we have come to say the same because we too believe it, that if a thing is "too good to be true," have nothing to do with it. But is it true to say that a thing is "too good to be true"? Is this an irrevocable principle?  If it is, then we have no Gospel!  Is Jesus Christ "too good to be true"?

If it is "too good to be true" that when a sinner turns from his sin and trusts Christ alone as his Saviour, he is forgiven and saved, then the Gospel has been completely undermined.  If being saved eternally through faith in a crucified yet risen Saviour actually happens, then for many, it is "too good to be true." These are the people who have the need to work for everything they have - including their salvation; the only thing is that there is no salvation of any real kind that can be worked for.

If it is "too good to be true" that if a Christian seeks the Lord for the anointing of His Holy Spirit and is thereby empowered to do great things for Christ, then we have nothing real to offer the world. NOTHING!

The fact is that there is nothing quite like the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the best thing the world has ever known. There is no message that has the transforming power that the Gospel has because it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes in Christ.  And for a mere man to preach that Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit with corresponding results is a sheer miracle.  And this is something we ought to seek constantly.

The Gospel is 'good' and it is 'true.'  Believe it and see!