Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Proposed Papal Visit to the UK

News has broken that the Pope is planning to visit the UK on the invitation of Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. The visit it also expected to include Northern Ireland.

Gordon Brown was brought up in a Presbyterian Manse in Scotland, where officially at least, he would have known what his church taught about Antichrist's representative on earth, the Pope. He would have known what his Huguenot ancestors suffered at the hands of the Roman Catholic 'church' in the 17th and 18th centuries. He ought also to have known that what his church teaches and what the RC church teaches is very different, and indeed is directly contrary to the teaching of the Scriptures.

The invitation that Brown extended to the Pope will serve only to reinforce false doctrine, and keep millions of poor needy sinners away from the true Gospel as taught by reformers like John Calvin and his Huguenot sons Moise Amyraut, Jean Daille, and Richard Baxter, and in spiritual darkness.

He will know that the Roman Catholic religion is believed to have been the motivation for the vicious IRA campaign of terrorism, mainly in Northern Ireland, and also in GB, with devastating effects.

The very presence of the Roman Catholic church and its false religion is evidence of the failure of the Reformation, and is also a call for evangelistic effort to convert the millions of adherents of that religion. It is also evidence of the decadence of the Protestant churches which have lost sight of the transforming truths of the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Roman Catholicism is also a call to reformed evangelicals to busy themselves in trying to win these poor deluded sinners to Christ.

Had Mr Brown learned his church and secular history, he would not have invited the head of error to visit our country. By doing this, he is endangering our democracy, and fostering a spirit of deepening falsehood among our peoples. If the church stood in need of reform in 1517, how much more does it need it today, with Rome's additional detestable errors that it has added to its religious inventory.

Our nation does not need to be further weakened by such a visit. Our spiritual needs are enormous, but few seem to care. Morally, we are approaching melt-down, but few see it. The challenge of Islam, with its proposal to take over every democratic country in the world, falls into this same category.

We neither want nor do we need a visit from the Pope; but what we do need most urgently is for God to raise up a man who will herald forth His saving Gospel with mighty Holy Spirit power. We need another Cranmer, another Ridley, another Baxter, another Ryle, men who know God and who proclaim His saving Word.

Of course, such men are despised by the world, and by large tracts of the visible church. But a man despised by the world and the worldly churches is precisely what this country needs at present.

May God's people plead with the Sovereign God to raise up such a man. No need is greater, and none more urgent.