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How can you tell if a Christian has allowed him/herself to come under Satanic control?  Ask yourself these questions:

Am I living a life that is as different from the world as it can be?
In what ways does my life mimic the unbelieving world?
Can an objective observer see a difference between me as a Christian and a non-Christian?
What is it that really drives my life?
What are my ambitions for my children?
Whose company do I prefer and is that borne out in actually practice?
Is my Bible-reading a mere evangelical duty or do I really love it? 
Do I pray by habit and from memory or is my heart engaged in my praying?
When I look at my life, who it is that I am really serving?  Myself, the world, or Christ?
Who do I associate with most frequently?  Do I enjoy their company and do I love them for themselves or for what I can get out of them? 
Do I love Christ for His own sake or for what He gives me?

These questions could continue a long time, but you get the picture.  It is important that we examine ourselves periodically to prevent us being spiritually deceived – which is a very real possibility.  We do not want to discover when it is too late that we have had a false faith and not a true one after all.  “Not everyone who says to me, Lord! Lord! will enter into My kingdom, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven.”

“Many will say to Me on that Day, Lord, did we not do this and that and the other for you when we were here?  Then will I say to them, Depart from Me, I never knew you, you workers of iniquity.”  He will say that to them on that day. And then it will be much too late to do anything about it.  

There is such a thing as a false faith and a false peace.  Oh, beware, beware.  Take no risks with your eternal destiny.  Not all professors of true religion are possessors of true religion.  Watch out.

Friday, 18 May 2012

You Become What You Read.

All writing, as Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones once said, is really just thinking put to paper. So it turns out that what we’re reading, we’re thinking about; and what we’re thinking about is what most shapes who we are. We are (or are becoming) what we read.

Therefore it is most important that we read the best Christian books available.   Reading shapes our thoughts and gives direction to our lives.  It helps us discern the Lord's will for our lives. 

I am currently reading the first volume of "The Calvinistic Methodists of Wales" by John Morgan Jones and William Morgan (trans. by John Aaron) and published by the Banner of Truth Trust.  This book is a real inspiration to the Christian.  It lets us see the hand of God at work in what was, humanly speaking, a hopeless situation.  God worked inside the church and despite her.  He took His servants and used them mightily in the furtherance of His Kingdom.  Griffith Jones and Daniel Rowland, Howell Harris and Christmas Evans, were used by God to gather in His Kingdom.

If you are feeling a bit low at present, then dip into these excellent works and see your spirits soar in delight to God and delight with God.

By reading these volumes, you will become what you read.

Christians Still Persecuted By Muslims

Christian families in desperate need; armed militants wreak havoc in Syria
No doubt that the funds provided by Barnabas Fund have been a big source of help and a glimpse of hope for many many who feel left alone to face the worst.
Barnabas Fund partner in Syria
Ten Christian families were expelled from their village in Syria by armed militants as jihadists hijack the anti-government uprising and wreak havoc across the country.


Latest international news
Burmese military kill two children from Christian ethnic group
Two children who were bathing in a river were shot dead by the Burmese military, as they continue their offensive against a predominantly Christian ethnic group.

Indonesian authorities close Christian worship places after Islamist protests
The authorities have sealed off 17 Christian places of worship in a semi-autonomous Indonesian province following a protest from hard line Islamist groups, who oppose the buildings.

Egyptian Christians fear Islamist victory in presidential elections
Christians in Egypt fear an Islamist victory in the impending presidential elections as the Muslim Brotherhood candidate vows to implement sharia and polls show support for this agenda.

Christian gathering in Uzbekistan raided by police in bomb search claim
Secret police raided a Christian gathering in a home in Uzbekistan claiming to be searching for a bomb.

Christians threatened while trying to save graveyard in Pakistan
Christians in Pakistan have been threatened and abused while trying to save their Christian graveyard from being turned into farmland in a dubious takeover bid.

Latest event news
Barnabas Fund’s UK Supporters’ Days take place next month – book now!
Barnabas Fund’s Supporters’ Days will take place in Chorleywood (9 June) and Dundee (23 June). This is an opportunity to hear first-hand about the work of Barnabas Fund from International Director Dr Patrick Sookhdeo and other key members of the team. The event is by registration only. Please register today to get your free admission ticket.


Operation Nehemiah: Latest news from the press
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Thursday, 17 May 2012


Dr Alan C. Clifford answers Mr Iftikhar Ahmad (London School of Islamics)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Opposing the decadent agenda of aggressive liberals, orthodox Bible-believing Christians appeal to the authority of the Scriptures in the belief that there are 'absolutes'. Indeed, the Bible continues to provide infallible guidance to be applied in today's circumstances. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments do not simply give us documentary examples of the values of a bygone age for merely historical interest.

Progressive revelation
However, Christians do believe in ‘progressive' revelation. With the culmination of divine revelation in our Lord Jesus Christ, certain aspects of the Old Testament became redundant. For instance, Israel's civil and
ceremonial codes were not, in all their details - including the stoning of blasphemers and adulterers, to be carried over into the New Testament era. They were not to be binding on Gentile or Hebrew believers. Christ himself refused to allow the stoning of the adulterous woman (see Jn. 8: 1-11). In the
New Testament, there are no precedents for blasphemers being stoned. In short, new rules replaced old ones in the atmosphere of international and antidiscriminatory grace.

Law and Grace
However, the principles of the moral law - the Ten Commandments - were not abrogated. In the realm of sexual ethics, homosexuality continues to be regarded as sinful and unacceptable along with adultery and fornication (see Rom. 1: 26-7; 1 Cor. 6: 9). Heterosexual marriage remains the normal relationship for valid sexual activity. However, in accordance with the gospel of God's grace, sexual deviance disqualifies no one for Church membership provided it is accompanied by repentance and a change of life-style. Therefore all
sin - including homosexuality - may be forgiven but no unrepentant sinner has any place in the fellowship of the Church of Christ. Within wider society, without prescribing civil penalties, the Church must act as salt and light, promoting by holy and loving example, the acceptance of Christian values.

What is sodomy?
The view that sodomy in the Old Testament was not homosexuality but failure to show hospitality has no justification. Certainly Ezekiel (16: 49-50) blames the ‘iniquitous’ affluent and selfish society of Sodom as the
materialistic and indulgent setting for the ‘abominations’ described in Genesis 19: 5-8. Such were clearly sexual rather than social. Indeed, as was also the case with ancient Greece and Rome, these things often go together. Western affluence has also become the occasion for moral decline in general and the
growth of sexual perversion in particular.

Sodomy and slavery
It is fallacious to set aside the New Testament prohibition of homosexuality on the grounds that Paul once acquiesced in now discredited slavery. When we realise that the spiritual and moral challenge of the Christian Faith did not involve a wholesale assault on the political and social culture of the Roman world, it is easy to see why Paul did not attack slavery as such. However, he did encourage slaves to seek their freedom (see 1 Cor. 7: 21). Such teaching, coupled with the Biblical law of loving one's neighbour, contained the seed for
the ultimate overthrow of slavery. However, there is no evidence to suggest that we may take a lenient and less rigorous view of the evil of homosexuality. It remains an abomination in the sight of God, besides being
held in abhorrence by most human beings.

Gay gene?
It is simply not proven that homosexual orientation is determined at birth. No genetic explanation is forthcoming in this respect. However, there is much evidence that a soft and luxurious social environment promotes homosexual tendencies. Besides, if a 'gay gene' could be identified, the same might be true
for adultery, murder and stealing. Such activities might conceivably be decriminalised on such grounds, to the utter ruin of civilised society as we have known it!

Body abuse
Loving sexual relationships are to be confined to heterosexual marriage.
Fidelity within marriage is the ultimate antidote to AIDS and other STI. From a strictly physiological and anatomical standpoint, the human body is not constructed for anal intercourse. Such a common sense conclusion hardly requires a medical expert to validate it. Thus sodomy is nothing less than 'body abuse'. It is rightly regarded as a moral perversion.

It remains true that homophobia should not be encouraged any more than any other phobia. However, it is inconsistent to permit homosexuality and yet warn young people of its dangers. Medical, social and emotional consequences militate against the legalisation of homosexuality at any age.

Transforming GraceFrom the standpoint of the Christian Gospel, it is true that the love of God is available to homosexuals. Yes, it is true that God calls everyone into His everlasting love but we must repent of our sins, trusting alone in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Like adulterers and murderers, homosexuals must repent of their particular sin if they wish to be part of Christ's Church and be saved. As there is no limit to the transforming power of God’s grace and Holy Spirit, so those with homosexual tendencies may be delivered from them.

Such grace includes the power to repent. Such repentance is necessary. This is the judgement of God's Word, the Bible. We must not reject those whom God accepts but neither must we change His rules according to some ‘pc‘ agenda.  What the Lord Jesus said to the adulterous woman applies equally to penitent homosexuals: "Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more" (John 8: 11).  The Bible must be taken as a whole without us changing or diluting parts we find hard to accept.

Dr Alan C. Clifford
Enquiries to: 7 Woodside Park
Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 2JL
Tel: 01953 453803
Used with permission

Did Northern Ireland's Protestant Churches Support Child Abuse?

This very disturbing email alert was sent to me by Mr Michael Copeland MLA in which he calls for an enquiry into the activities of two Children's Homes in and around Dublin that will have ramifications for church people in Northern Ireland.  It is so sad that evangelicals have been actively involved in and supported this scurrilous behaviour which lasted for about 40 years.  Hundreds of children have been seriously abused in these 'homes,' leaving behind seriously traumatised young people and adults.

Questions need to be asked about the role played by the churches in this affair.  What checks did the churches carry out before they put their imprimatur on these institutions, and what ongoing supervision took place over these years?  Protestant churches ought to have been aware of such things given the scandalous behaviour and cover-up of the same kind of activity by Roman priests.  Before unmarried mothers were directed by the churches to these two 'homes,' checks ought to have been made to determine their suitability for such vulnerable women.

Mark my words!  There is much more to come out in this regard.

Michael Stewart Copeland updated his status: "We welcome moves to include Westbank Orphanage, Greystones, in inquiries into institutional abuse in Northern Ireland. Children from Westbank were trafficked illegally over the border and placed with unregistered foster carers. Children in the home and in fostering arrangements suffered physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse. The orphanage was unique in that children were hardly if ever adopted. Some 'children' remained in the home into their early thirties. The orphanage appears to have operated without proper supervision from the 1950s until it closed in 1998. In 2011 residential records were removed from the PACT counselling service by the Trustees of Westbank in Bray Gospel Hall. Children whose mothers were from Northern Ireland gave birth in Dublin's Bethany Home, Rathgar, before being transferred to Westbank Home. Bethany Home should, therefore, also be included in the NI process. 219 Bethany children are buried in unmarked graves in Mount Jerome Cemetery in Dublin, while many who survived suffered lifelong illnesses and/or were sent into dysfunctional and abusive situations (including Westbank). Derek Leinster is one of those children. The state sanctioned neglect and death in Bethany when the Deputy Chief Medical Adviser, who was investigating reported abuse, stated in his report, 'It is well known that illegitimate children are delicate and marasmic'. ('Marasmic' is another word for starving). Mothers of three of the undersigned had children born in the Bethany Home. Sydney in 1964 and Colm in 1967 were sent to Westbank. They were sent back and forth over the border, sometimes on fundraising trips to perform for church groups. Sydney's mother was from Northern Ireland. Three of her children were sent to Westbank, one of whom was born in Bethany. Colm's mother gave birth to two children in Bethany who were sent to Westbank. As it was policy in Westbank, children were not told their siblings were also there. A number of religious denominations large and small, from the Church of Ireland to Presbyterians, Methodists, Free Presbyterians, Baptists, Plymouth Brethren, gospel halls, and the Orange Order, were involved in directing unmarried mothers to, and/or raising funds for, Bethany and Westbank. This diffuse association makes it possible for churches to deny specific responsibility for what went on in institutions run by evangelical Christians. Leaders of the CofI, Presbyterian and Methodist congregations twice met privately to discuss Bethany, but did not issue a statement. The Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter, has given written commitments to TDs and MLAs from the Democratic Unionist Party, the Unionist Party, the Labour Party and from Sinn Fein, to do something, sometime, about demands of former Bethany children for official recognition and for justice. Bethany and Westbank operated in the Republic of Ireland. Perhaps an inquiry into their activities will begin in Belfast while Justice delays in Dublin"
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Monday, 14 May 2012

Learn from the Huguenots

Interest in the heroic Huguenots is growing amongst those who cherish their Christian heritage.  Another of my books was bought at the weekend, namely, the one on Jaques de la Fontaine.

A companion work to Fontaine's is the one on Jacques Abbadie which can be purchased here.

This book distills Abbadie's thinking into easily understood chunks and enables the thoughtful reader to gain a good grasp of his basic views on why we can believe the Christian Faith.  Think of this as an aid to evangelism.  It will provide you with things you can answer to those who try to trip you up on the faith.

Why not have a look at this site.