Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The EU Indoctrinates Our Children

The EU has virtually conceded that the majority of people in the UK would want out of the Union at the earliest opportunity.  Adults will have the right to vote on this issue when the time comes, but the children and youths have not that right at present.

So what does the EU do?  Exactly what the Presbyterian Church in Ireland did about two decades ago when it had lost its battle to stay within the WCC and other ecumenical involvements because the adults had the voting power to make the church withdraw its membership from that cocktail of religious viewpoints and practices. having lost the battle with the adults, the youth department set about an indoctrination programme that would in effect teach them that there was only a few little insignificant doctrinal differences between Presbyterians and Roman Catholicism, and that they ought not to be afraid of meeting with them in 'fellowship,' thus leading to inter-marriage, and the eventual upbringing of any offspring as Catholics.

Our children are being taught in the schools, through EU produced propaganda, that our membership in the EU holds many positives for our lives.  But when you look behind it and realise that the EU is a top heavy Roman Catholic institution, it is very clear where this Parliament will take every nation that is part of it.  Our religious freedom to worship and serve God will be seriously curtailled and it will become a crime to evangelise, as it is in some places today.  This is a full frontal attack on our Evangelical and Protestant faith.  But many cannot see it, at least not many within the churches can see it.

Do you want that?  Now is a good time to write to your MP or MEP and ask what exactly is going on.

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