Tuesday, 27 March 2012

God's Simple Gospel

Isn't it great that the Gospel is the only message that can deal with the spiritual and eternal problems of people of any condition or status in life?  It is shallow enough for a child to paddle in but deep enough for an elephant to swim in - I think it was Dr Leon L. Morris who made this point in the introductory section of his commentary on John's Gospel.

But how true!  And how insightful!  Fallen man tends always to make the Gospel a complicated and complex thing.  He wishes to adorn it with 'all kinds of everything.'  He wants it to become so deep that a child cannot grasp it. 

But the Gospel of Jesus Christ is essentially simple - it can be understood by the merest child.  Thank God that is true.  No one would ever be saved were it not true that sinners like us can actually understand enough of it to commit ourselves to it.  It is simple; but it is not simplistic - whatever that means.  Its profundity can be put across in simple enough terms and language.

So let us preach this Gospel will all directness, leaving asside all those dry academic niceties that keep some people in jobs.  Let us preach this soul-saving message in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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