Sunday, 4 March 2012

Lloyd-Jones Vindicated

My reading today in DMLJ's sermons on 2 Peter was most enlightening.  After Rev. J. J.Murray's statement that DMLJ believed in limited atonement, I read the following words from the Doctor:

"Salvation clearly is in Christ and in Him alone.  He has fulfilled all the promises.  It is in Him that God is saving mankind.  God promised to save mankind - here He does save mankind - Christ is the fulfiller of all promises," (2 Peter, BTT, Edinburgh,1983, p.110).

Is this what an Owenite would preach?  Is this the statement of someone who believed that Christ only for the elect?  Does this statement indicate that DMLJ believed that God's design in the atonement was to save only the elect? 

Can someone out there please explain to me how a preacher who makes a statement like this be described as a believer in limited atonement? 

If DMLJ believed in limited atonement as Rev. Murray alleges, what is the Doctor's understanding of the statement he made in this sermon? 

Does DMLJ exegete "mankind" as Jews and Gentiles?  No evidence exists to substantiate such a view. 

Any comments?

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