Friday, 16 March 2012

Sodomy Set To Be Promoted in Northern Ireland Politics

With the upsurge of interest in and promotion of Sodomy in Northern Ireland, and by Northern Ireland politicians, the dark clouds are gathering apace in this land that once knew the outpouring of God's Spirit in reviving grace and power.  The wrath of God is hovering, not only over the country at large, but it threatens to drop very close to one particular party, the Ulster Unionist Party.

Reports would suggest that a politician who is supporter of Gay Pride might well have a senior role in political leadership, thus pointing to a bleak future for the province.  The other main unionist party, the DUP, awarded considerable grant aid to the Belfast Gay Pride parade in recent years, and now the other unionist party appears to be going to weigh in heavily in support of such finding being awarded in the future.

When political leadership refuse to be the guardians of decency and morality, those who are being led will but follow suit.  Having been at two Christian protests against this event, I have seen with my own eyes the disgusting presentation that met my eyes. Scantily clad males and females paraded themselves on floats and uttered offensive abuse against those who were seeking to bear witness to the Gospel which alone can show them how they might be saved.  As float after float passed, abuse was hurled at the Christian witness to the Gospel.

It is clear that those who participate in or support such a parade not only have no interest in the Gospel or in the Christian faith; they actually oppose it.  They find it objectionable.  yet the irony is that these same Sodomy supporters, many of them are found in their place of worship week by week.  how can they do it?  Because there is no Gospel ministry in their churches that will highlight these sins against God, therefore the supporters of such specific sinful behaviour can live quite comfortably in these religious organisations. 

Oh, how the wrath of God is waiting to burst forth on such iniquity.  How the anger of the Almighty will break out against these people.  REPENT.  REPENT. REPENT.  REPENT.

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