Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Calvin and Courage - under the Cross

Calvin and Courage - under the Cross is most relevant at this time, especially given the persecution of brother Alan C Clifford by the state.  His church and their outreach bookstall in Norwich city centre which has been going on now for17 years has been attacked, we might say, by the council.  It has withdrawn the use of its property from Norwich Reformed Church. 

Yet the LORD had already planned for this eventuality; over recent months, a new meeting room was being prepared for the Lord's work, and no one could have foreseen how suddenly this new facility wold be needed - but God saw, and made provision.  The church met there last Sunday when there was a good attendance.

Please make this situation a matter of urgent prayer.

Dr Clifford is displaying great courage under the Cross, just as Calvin did in Geneva in 1553. 

For details of Calvin's experience and ministry in this situation, please click here.

Reading this book will support you; buying it will support me.  Thank you.

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