Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Muslims Issue Death Threat to UK Citizen

The latest twist in the Norwich Reformed Church (NRC) situation is that a 77 year old man has been sent a death threat from a Muslim source just because he supports what the NRC had been doing.

This matter has been placed in the hands of the police who have recorded this as a race crime.

It appears that the Islamic religion is bent on bringing into 'subjection' - the true meaning of the world 'islam' - all those who have the courage and convictions to disagree with it.  This religion can only use violence and the threat of violence to pursue its evil agenda.  Let no one be deceived into believing that Islam is a religion of peace - it patently is not.

But let all those who take a staunchly biblical view of matters be aware that when the adherents of Islamic religion catch up with them, they too will be threatened with death.  This seems to be all they know.  

However, we must be aware of the fact that the Christian faith exists in a hostile world, and that hostility is currently being targeted on it by Islam.  Essentially this is an expected aspect of the spiritual warfare that has been going on ever since the fall of Satan (Lucifer) from heaven.  He entered the Garden of Eden, and wrought havoc in the first humans who lived on this planet; and he is still doing the same today.  This is but one manifestation of the devil's attacks.

In this situation, all Christians must be careful to remain within the high tower that God has provided for their safety.  I have often said that Ps.91:1 is our home address; and it is.  Outside of this there is no safety or protection for the Christian.

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