Sunday, 22 July 2012

Do You Use Downloaded Sermons?

I have been reliably informed that there are ministers, and given the circle of ministers my friend moves around, evangelical ministers who have become so lazy that instead of preparing their sermons from the text of Scripture, they download pre-prepared sermons and then serve these up for their congregations. 

If you re-call a post I inserted a few weeks ago, I made the point that listening to some preachers you'd be excused for thinking that they were reading someone else's sermons rather than preparing their own.  My informant assured me that this is happening today.

If this is now starting to be the norm amongst preachers, then theological colleges and training are at serious risk.  These are the men who will encourage other younger men to do likewise.  Book sales will plummet, and time spent in the study preparing God's message for the congregation will be greatly reduced.  Then the minister can perfect his golf swing, or conduct his postgraduate research, or just skive about doing as little as possible. 

If this becomes common-place, then may God have mercy on us.

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