Saturday, 7 July 2012

Gospel Churches To Be Closed by UK Government!

Does that headline surprise you?  Do you think you will never see such on the front pages of our most cherished daily's?

Gospel churches can only expect government at every level to turn on those churches with a ferocity that has been unmatched for many centuries in the UK.

Since government is essentially anti-God, the church of Jesus Christ is not safe in our land.  Steps have been taken to evict Gospel churches from local government premises because those churches apply the Gospel to every situation, especially the religious.  Government has been successful so far, and the only churches that will be safe are those that government uses for state ceremonies and those that do not take the Gospel seriously. 

But those churches that preach a radical message - which is what the Gospel message is - will be systematically shut down by British politicians and agents who have been given the powers to do so.  This is on its way.

And the motivation?  Government must protect Islam at all costs, no matter what happens to the true Christian churches and Gospel ministers.  This false religion cannot be criticised in any regard, but the Christian faith can be opposed, ridiculed and laughed at by government funded organisations such as the BBC.  Our universities which receive massive government funding are supported to undermine and ridicule the Christian faith, but they are not allowed to subject Islam to academic scrutiny.

What our government protects will be the means of closing down, not all that call themselves 'churches,' but Gospel churches.  Islam means 'submission;' that religion is well on its way to bring UK democracy into submission to its immoral laws and unethical religion and its practices (for example, female mutilation).

Yes, the true Christian faith can be vilified at will, and government will turn an accommodating blind eye to that.  But it will not tolerate the exposure of Islam from any quarter - all offenders will be dutifully punished.  Writs of zero tolerance of truth exposing error are now in place, and are being operated.  Laws have been passed which not only murder the unborn in their mother's wombs, but which protect the worst promoters of barbarity ever seen. 

And decent people are not allowed to open their mouths and expose such wrong doing.  Christian ministers are this very day in the UK being warned about their preaching of the Gospel.  They are not to shine the light of Gospel truth on those who clearly do not want it, but who urgently need it.  One Gospel minister in England whom I know has been so victimised and warned not to apply the Gospel to certain erroneous and horrendous situations.  Another minister has been warned by colleagues not to preach a clear Gospel message or he will be removed.  Yet another is being persecuted so badly that the church is doing all it can to remove him from his charge.  Another Gospel minister is deliberately barred from servicing on church oversight committees.  One of those ministers who bar him uses language that is rather coarse and unbecoming a minister.

The fight for the Gospel goes on relentlessly.  Reformed evangelicals need to stand together and support each other - that is, evangelicals who are not primarily "church men."  Non-churchmen evangelicals must rally behind each other across the denominations and show their support for the evangelical cause and for evangelical ministers. 

The state in encroaching steadily, and has engaged the internal help and facilitation of churchmen-evangelicals - they already have the support of non- and anti-evangelical ministers.  The track record of such good men is not good in this regard, preferring rather to keep their heads down and follow the guidance of the hymn - "you in your small corner and I in mine." 

But this has to change and change immediately before it is too late. 

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