Thursday, 19 July 2012

Perfect Ministers.

This is the plague of the church so far as it is believed to be the case within her.  Ministers who see themselves as being perfect, who never sin - at least not in the way some others sin - but walk righteously every day; who never offend anyone and who preach a cross of their own making that causes no offense; who are very keen to keep in with the church authorities at all costs; and who go to the church liberal and ecumenical authorities for guidance on church governance. 

These men only have other perfect ministers preach in their churches, because they cannot be seen as being less than perfect.

Very soon after I went to my first pastoral charge, I was met with unbelief when I confessed that we were all sinners.  "What, you a sinner like the rest of us?"  The minister is not a sinner, you see.  That's the view from the pew; but the view from the pulpit is identical.  This will not be admitted in personal conversation or in confessional public prayer; but it is believed nonetheless. 

Is it any wonder the church is in such a bad spiritual condition?  The church is supposed to be the community of the forgiven and of the forgivers.  But where is the evidence?  Words are woefully insufficient; they must be backed up with concrete practical actions that demonstrate the veracity of their words. 

Should I hold my breathe until this happens?  What do you think? 

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