Friday, 10 February 2012

Listen to Calvin.

I discovered this in Calvin's second published sermon in his Acts series.

"For many will be found who will say they have faith, but of they look into their hearts, they will find they foolishly believe they have that faith which they truly believe they have simply because they think they do.  Just let some slight hint of testing arise, and they are overwhelmed," (pp.14,15).

How many there are who are exactly like that!  Because they think they have faith, they must therefore have it!  Because someone else, some religious official, accepts they have faith, they must have it.  The applications are many.  And those who fall into this category are so overwhelmed by the realisation that they do not have the faith they thought they had that they then take it out on the minister.

Cheap profession-ism is killing the church, but few seem to care about this departure either.

The more I read Calvin, the more timely are his thoughts and expositions.  He is so contemporary despite having preached these sermons in the mid 1550s.  The seeds of application just jump out at you. he is a delight to read and be ministered to by.

"Think on these things."

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