Saturday, 5 May 2012

Islamic Candidate Defeated

Now that the results of the London Mayoral election are known, whatever we might think of Boris Johnson and his policies, it is a great relief that Ken Livingstone, the promoter of the Muslim Menace in the UK.

Not only did the London electorate give its answer to Livingstone, so also did the sovereign Lord.  He has spared London the ignominy of being governed by a lover of Islam.  This should be seen as a wake up call to the London and UK populace alerting us of the ongoing encroachment of Islam into the very fabric of our society.

Were the people to see, it is not so much what Muslims do that is the problem, through that is a great concern to peace-loving, freedom-loving and democracy-loving people.  It is what they are taught from their 'bible,' the Qu'ran, that causes the problem.  It is their religion itself that creates the circumstances from which all kinds of 'trouble' emanate.  The UK has welcomed into our nation a religious system that is designed and calculated to destroy every 'infidel' and 'unbeliever.'  We have welcomed within our shores those who are committed religiously to destroy what we hold dear.  Nay, we give them utmost protection to promote and progress their well-publicised plans to destroy every 'infidel' and thus win the praises of Allah for so doing.

There is a great spiritual battle being waged in the world, a battle that has been going on since the Fall of man in Eden.   This battle is between light and darkness, truth and error, right and wrong, Christ and the devil.  Satan will stop at nothing to strangle the true Christian Church, the Body of Christ.  Much of the established religion in these islands is no threat whatever to false religion, be it Islam or Roman Catholicism or liberal Protestantism.  These mighty powers are out to annihilate Christ's church and people from these lands, make no mistake about it.

But let us not be afraid: if Satan's power and the power of false religion is mighty - and it is!  the power of the living and true God is ALMIGHTY.  Our God is unconquerable.  He loves His church and gave Christ to die for her.  We can rightly conclude that if He did the greater thing - redeeming her by blood; He is well able to do the lesser thing, and that is to deliver her from the clutches of Satanic religion of whatever hue.

The free world must waken up and see the monster that it is breeding and nurturing, a monster that will one day devour whatever remains of the UK as we know it. Indeed, given an unfaithful church in this land, anything short of a God-sent revival of true religion will prevent that occurring.  Only when the people of this land fall on their knees and beg the God they have so grossly offended by their dalliance with false religion will we see a return to the glory days of the past.  Unless and until our people turn from the sins and plead with the living and true God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, will we know again the blessing of God upon us.

Is it not the case that God's blessing often comes upon His church suddenly and when we least expect it?  His coming in power by the Holy Spirit is miraculous, and we surely need to know the miraculous, transforming power and grace of almighty God in these adulterous days.

The defeat of Ken Livingstone in London is most welcome, and we thank God for it; but let us not rest on our laurels because these powers of darkness will regroup and will launch another attack on democracy and freedom, including the freedom to worship the true God and His Son Jesus Christ.

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