Monday, 25 June 2012

English Defence League, Norwich march: Dr Clifford responds

Since Norwich City Council's ban of Norwich Reformed Church is cited as a reason for the planned EDL march (Norwich Evening News, 21 June 2012), I wish to provide the following clarification:
1. I have no connection with either the EDL or the BNP, even though they rightly endorse my Christian criticisms of Islam.
2. My objections to Islam are ideological not racial. Indeed, I have more affinity with Asian Christians than English atheists.
3. Opposed to both 'Left' and 'Right' political extremism, my stand on the Islamic threat is faith-inspired.
4. Norwich City Council's intolerance towards me is to be blamed for the planned EDL march. Extremes provoke one another.
5. The appalling collapse of Christian conviction in the UK is also to be blamed for Muslim encroachment. 
6. Cowardly 'PC' Christian capitulation before the Muslim menace, is to be blamed for political fringe activity.
7. The liberal-secular dismantling of the UK's Christian heritage is to be opposed by all lawful means, religious and political.
8. The only hope for a harmonious, prosperous and peaceful society is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The Revd Dr Alan C. Clifford

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