Sunday, 24 June 2012

Man-Made Confessions OK, But Man-Made Hymns Not OK!

There is an irony, is there not, when certain churches refuse to use what they describe as man-made compositions in the worship of God, but stick rigidly to man-made confessions to measure a man's or church's orthodoxy? 

Man-made confessions are used to ensure a particular interpretation of Scripture but man-made hymns must not be used under any circumstances.

In fact, they would fight and argue against, and demonise, those who say a wrong word about man-made confessions, defending such man-made confessions to the hilt.  However, they do not defend the use of hymns (also, in their view, man-made compositions) in the worship of God.

How do they differentiate between these two practices?  The only way is by using verbal gymnastics to convince those who are still undecided, and they do it to their own satisfaction.

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