Monday, 3 September 2012

Supporting Norman Boyd's Excellent Letter


Thank you for such an excellent letter in the Newsletter on Saturday on the role of church leaders in the current marching issue.  Where those guys are living I just don't know.  If they were as intelligent as they imagine they are, they would surely have ascertained the facts before going public about an issue about which they had only the barest of information.

Norman, these guys are, in Stalin's unforgettable phrase, "useful idiots" in the hands of the government and the Stormont pawns.  They are obviously, not a spiritual and religious or even a moral agenda, but a political one.  These men ought to be giving clear biblical leadership at a time in our country when we are bereft of leadership.  But instead, they play the political card, clearly to pay back what Stormont did vis-a-vis the PMS debacle.  Secular politics is dirty, but church politics is no different - it is just as dirty. 

What makes it doubly sad is that the Christian members of these churches see no wrong in what these men have said and done, and will still support them and their church no matter what.  Had the sixteenth century reformers taken the same line, where would we be today!

I have a letter submitted to the Newsletter ref. the same-sex marriages which might go in this week.  I am also sending in one in the form of an open letter to all the church leaders on the same situation.

Keep up the good work, Norman.

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