Tuesday, 20 March 2012

No Revival!

Do you know the surest way to deprive God’s church of the blessings of a Holy Spirit revival?  It’s this: just go on believing that your church is the nearest thing to a truly Scriptural church that there is, and go on telling the people you meet this same message.  In this way you can guarantee no revival blessing for your church.  

But if this is your honest belief, then please do not pray for revival for your church, for it doesn’t need it; rather ask God to revive your very needy, impure, unfaithful, compromised neighbouring churches instead! 


graham wood said...

How do you define 'revival'? It is not to be confused with the urgent need for reformation in our churches. The two are related but different.
How then do you define revival?

Hazlett Lynch said...

Revival and reformation are different though related. Revival is about the lifting of an individual's spiritual life to a new level while reformation is about (sometimes) fundamental change that is needed within the church of Christ.

There can be no doubt that both are needed urgently, so we must go on praying that God in His grace will give these to His Church. They are His gifts to the church, not changes that we can bring about. However, God requires His people to be faithful to Him and to do what He has paid down in His Word.