Sunday, 18 March 2012

Presbyterian Politicians Support Gay Pride

It is so sad that politics in Northern Ireland is set to take yet another turn for the worse.  Whilst political decisions are purely and largely preferential, when it comes to moral issues these have the potential to plunge the country into utter moral meltdown.

The unionist party's leadership is refusing to answer my questions on the promotion of Sodomy by its potential leaders who will be elected to that role by the end of this month (March 2012).  What makes it even more inexplicable is that a very senior Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) member and minister in the executive, Danny Kennedy MLA, is an elder in Bessbrook Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI) in South Armagh simply re-directed me to the two candidates for their comments.

Both of them are Presbyterians and like their church, they are both convinced liberals; in other words, anything goes.  John McCallister attended a recent Belfast Pride parade thus showing his unashamed support for moral perversion and Mike Nesbitt gave help with banners and flags to the same organisation in 1991.

Gay Pride is sodomy by another name.  These Presbyterians will in all likelihood find their church backing their stance.  One of them will be elected leader of the UUP thus promising policies that will promote sodomy in Northern Ireland.  This retrograde step will have incalculable consequences for the party and country, and will hasten the demise of that political entity.

One would have expected that these men would have been well taught in the Scriptures by the ministers in this church; maybe they were, but refused to listen.  However, the fact that their denomination has an extremely soft attitude to gay issues, some even supporting this perversion, might indicate otherwise. 

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